Fighting for Kent County


Lisa Posthumus Lyons has been a strong voice and leader for our West Michigan values!

As State Representative, Lisa…

…stood with hard-working taxpayers by fighting to eliminate the job-killing Michigan Business Tax and the Personal Property Tax, reducing the state’s personal income tax, and introducing legislation to eliminate state property taxes for Michigan’s families.

…supported pro-growth policies that eliminated more than ten regulations for every one added to the books.

…led efforts to eliminate a $2 billion deficit and enact balanced budgets that have paid down nearly $21 billion in debt, while putting away $500 million in the state’s savings account.

…as the former chair of the House Education Committee, Lisa led efforts to ensure that every child has an opportunity to receive a quality education, regardless of where they live. Investment in the School Aid Fund is at the highest level in our state’s history.

As County Clerk & Register of Deeds, Lisa will…

…run an efficient, effective and transparent office focused on providing excellent customer service.

…expand online services and continue the transition to online reporting of campaign finance documents.

…continue to advocate for and work with the Legislature to pass pro-voter measures that strengthen our election and campaign finance laws.